the NEXT 6 MONTHS will be pivotal for fundraising and funDraiserS

What Do I Do Now?

The (near) Future of Fundraising

Hosted by
Daniel Mansoor

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July 21st
11:00 am EDT

What you'll learn today.

What you'll use tomorrow.

Some of your questions answered:

• Is this a good time to fundraising?

• Should we launch a capital campaign?

• How to craft an inspiring message for donors.

• Is it insensitive to ask for donations now?

• How to make this a transformational moment for giving. 

The fundraising LANDSCAPE was already shifting

What are the three "fatigues" that already defined the past decade? Now add COVID-19, racial unrest and economic uncertainty and we're facing a "Fundraising Perfect Storm."

How can we respond that inspires giving and loyalty?

The TRENDS that will define our work

Demographics, technology and science will reshape our work today and in the future. You'll learn new tools, tactics, and strategies.

What are donors THINKING?

Americans will give away $1,000,000,000 – today!

What can you do now to capture this profound altruism now and in the future?

By understand the behavioral sciences of giving – what's going on in the donor's mind – you can improve your odds of success.

Will fundraising ever be the same?

The world will never look like 2019 again. Successful fundraising, development, and philanthropy must transform. Why is this crisis different than Katrina, 9/11,...? Foundation and corporation giving is at records levels, but why is seeking support from individuals more important than ever?


You'll have the chance to ask questions specific to your organization, your cause and your work. If we don't have time during the session, you're invited to contact me personally to discuss challenges unique to your organization.


About Daniel Mansoor

Daniel Mansoor is president of the GoodWorks Group, a nonprofit and philanthropy consulting firm. From senior development positions at Cornell and Brandeis Universities to his 25-year career in private consulting, Mansoor works to improve the fundraising of diverse nonprofit institutions and advanced the knowledge, skills and confidence of employees, clients and board volunteers.

A teacher at heart, in addition to his workshops, presentations, keynotes and panels, Dan served as an adjunct instructor at the Mandel School at Case Western Reserve University for its graduate class in fundraising and philanthropy. His workshops have inspired development staff, executive directors and boards to embrace the joy and rewards of fundraising.

Dan's training and seminars focus on introducing audiences to new best practices, the soul of fundraising, the new science of giving, and creative and design thinking for more effective fundraising. Beyond theory, Dan shares examples from 35 years of practice to demonstrate how to be a better fundraiser in these special times.

Dan holds a BS in operations research and an MBA from Cornell University.

July 21st
11:00 am EDT